Hey Internet, take your capitalization and…

TIL (Today I Learned) that in most cases capitalizing the word Internet is still the correct way of writing it. Jeez, I really thought this had gone the way of the dinosaur, I mean, seriously, the Internet is as common as Sliced Bread these days. I’m thinking we should change this and, according to Wikipedia, there are a few who agree with me:

Critics of the usage as a proper noun argue that other things that are unique yet distributed, such as “the power grid”, “the telephone network”, and even “the sky”, are not considered proper nouns, and are thus not capitalized. Since at least 2002 it has been theorized that Internet has been changing from a proper noun to a generic term.[4] Words for new technologies, such as Phonograph in the 19th century, are sometimes capitalized at first, later becoming uncapitalized.[4] It was suggested as early as 1999 that Internet might, like some other commonly used proper nouns, lose its capital letter.[5]

(Image source here)

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