Positive Brainwashing

 (Image from here)

In the work world, the one filled with grey cubicle farms, there can be a lot of need for motivation. I’ve been delving into the cheesy side of motivational resources lately, considering doing things like listening to upbeat music and putting up posters of people who’s abs I want (these, of course, would be confined to my home to avoid sexual harassment complaints).

While not the BEST article about motivation that I’ve read lately, this guy makes some good points that ring true in my life. However, what struck me most about the article is that he gets up and switches his iPod to “a list of prerecorded affirmations” REALLY? Like I just have those sitting around on CDs in my house… Or is there some sort of cheese factory website where I can download these affirmations for 25 cents a pop? Even that’s kind of risky because I could get a few that don’t apply to me (e.g. “Your children are not monsters, they are beautiful and you can deal with them.”). Perhaps I should pre-record them myself? “Stef, the world is your oyster today.” Ugh, I don’t even like seafood. Even so, if it makes him pumped up enough to go jogging in the morning, it could be worth a try. There are many things people would do for that kind of energy. So, anyone got any prerecorded affirmations kicking around?

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