In some paradigms, your hipbone may not exist: The anatomy of research design

To follow-up on my previous post, it seems that some progress has been made. The more I delve into the complexity of debates in qualitative methodology, where the researcher is continually referred to as a bricoleur, a craftsperson, a story-weaver, etc. (unfortunately never a multi-billionaire), the more it seems that one should simply approach debates byContinue reading “In some paradigms, your hipbone may not exist: The anatomy of research design”

Age old debates and the perils of endless reflexivity

(Photo taken at the Ashmolean Museum) Nothing like an assigned reading about the use of blogs in research (Wakeford & Cohen, 2008) to convince me that blogging is a worthwhile pursuit and not just semi-productive procrastination. The authors reminded me that blogging is supposed to be ‘of the moment’ and so I’ll share with youContinue reading “Age old debates and the perils of endless reflexivity”

Read all about it!

Many moons have passed since I mentioned Canadian media but I present to you: Duguay, S. (2012). Review of the book The media gaze: Representations of diversities in Canada, by A. Fleras. Canadian Review of Sociology, 49(4), 433-435. If you ever wanted to experience my writing in Times New Roman without all the unnecessary InternetContinue reading “Read all about it!”

Sweat pants, pubs, and libraries: You know you’re on Campus When… (Or, How to Pick a University)

(Sadly, this post lacks current pop culture references because it was written in March while riding on a train back to Ottawa after my Epic Campus Tour. To compensate, here is the latest episode of Snooki & JWOWW) Photo effects courtesy of Instagram: campus art. In my hunt to set myself up for the best possibleContinue reading “Sweat pants, pubs, and libraries: You know you’re on Campus When… (Or, How to Pick a University)”

More than a Smile: First Impressions via Facebook

  Photo courtesy of Instagram, all my smiling pictures were much too cheesy. A couple of weeks ago, the reading list for my graduate program was sent out – be still my heart and my 1-click purchasing finger (Amazon, you are a genius) – and to no one’s surprise one of our classmates was inspiredContinue reading “More than a Smile: First Impressions via Facebook”

So read me maybe! (Or, Fifty Shades of Canadian Media)

(Image courtesy of  So what have I been doing with my time? Working hard to get Carly Rae Jepsen out of my head, mailing paperwork, crunching numbers, procrastinating by watching Girls under the guise of staying up-to-date with pop culture, and obviously not blogging enough. But while everyone (including Ellen) has been busy indulging inContinue reading “So read me maybe! (Or, Fifty Shades of Canadian Media)”

Research for Breakfast

When I woke up this morning the first thing out of my mouth was, “All I want to do today is watch the Theorizing the Web (TtW) conference and populate my Endnote library.” I’m not sharing this to illustrate my obsession with going back to school (please tell me people still use Endnote – isContinue reading “Research for Breakfast”

2012 and Beyond

In an attempt to make my procrastination productive this week, I began downloading journal articles from various university course reading lists. Although I have a relatively small framework from which to analyze this research, since I’ve been privy to few academic commentaries about the Internet (though the OII podcasts are helping to provide this background),Continue reading “2012 and Beyond”

I guess that answers that…

What’s this? It’s a list of my “academic interests”, you know, things I could possibly fathom researching, reading about and teaching in the future without my narcolepsy kicking in (well, it will anyways, but without the severity that it strikes me with the minute I enter a boardroom). It includes the following. The obvious: TheContinue reading “I guess that answers that…”