Thoughts from the Bus: Absent-minded no more

  (Image “Waiting for the bus” courtesy of Allan Rostron)  I’ve heard that our city’s transit system won’t release its real-time GPS info to the public (yet). This is such a shame considering the amazing things citizens are doing for various levels of government – mostly free of cost – with the open data movementContinue reading “Thoughts from the Bus: Absent-minded no more”

Thoughts from the Bus: Apps that Make me Sweat

As the biting cold of January settles in, it’s become apparent that I’ll be continuing to take the bus on what seems like my ever-lengthening commute to and from work. This is in part due to my inability (read: shyness) to coordinate a carpool, the guilt for which I’ve repressed into bitterness toward our highlyContinue reading “Thoughts from the Bus: Apps that Make me Sweat”

2012 and Beyond

In an attempt to make my procrastination productive this week, I began downloading journal articles from various university course reading lists. Although I have a relatively small framework from which to analyze this research, since I’ve been privy to few academic commentaries about the Internet (though the OII podcasts are helping to provide this background),Continue reading “2012 and Beyond”

Hey Internet, take your capitalization and…

TIL (Today I Learned) that in most cases capitalizing the word Internet is still the correct way of writing it. Jeez, I really thought this had gone the way of the dinosaur, I mean, seriously, the Internet is as common as Sliced Bread these days. I’m thinking we should change this and, according to Wikipedia, there areContinue reading “Hey Internet, take your capitalization and…”

Why study the internet?

Disclaimer: This is simply brainstorming for an application and so you can expect that the ideas presented will not necessarily be fully formed or logical (read: be patient if I don’t make sense). Why study the internet? Why not? Done. … Nope, I don’t think that one will fly. (Image from here) Have a lookContinue reading “Why study the internet?”