Speculative fiction?

I’m in Amsterdam for a conference called The Web that Was: Archives, Traces, Reflections. Today consisted of some interactive workshops, including one run by Amy Johnson and Ariadna Matamoros Fern├índez using speculative writing to think deeply about the future of the internet. In their workshop “Future historians of the internet,” they asked us to respondContinue reading “Speculative fiction?”

5 Overlaps Between Platform Studies and Games Studies

Checking out the Queerness and Games Conference (QGcon), hosted by Concordia with the involvement of the Technoculture, Arts and Games (TAG) lab and international organizers, has got me thinking! One of the reasons I wanted to attend the conference is that a number of students have approached me for advice about researching topics that bringContinue reading “5 Overlaps Between Platform Studies and Games Studies”

Highlights of the Semester – Winter 2018

[Delayed posting but better late than never!] It’s difficult to believe that four months have already passed since I started my new position in the Department of Communication Studies at Concordia University. It’s been a whirlwind semester and it seems like just yesterday that I was putting final touches on syllabi. As much as IContinue reading “Highlights of the Semester – Winter 2018”