More than a Smile: First Impressions via Facebook

  Photo courtesy of Instagram, all my smiling pictures were much too cheesy. A couple of weeks ago, the reading list for my graduate program was sent out – be still my heart and my 1-click purchasing finger (Amazon, you are a genius) – and to no one’s surprise one of our classmates was inspiredContinue reading “More than a Smile: First Impressions via Facebook”

Hey Internet, take your capitalization and…

TIL (Today I Learned) that in most cases capitalizing the word Internet is still the correct way of writing it. Jeez, I really thought this had gone the way of the dinosaur, I mean, seriously, the Internet is as common as Sliced Bread these days. I’m thinking we should change this and, according to Wikipedia, there areContinue reading “Hey Internet, take your capitalization and…”