Research for Breakfast

When I woke up this morning the first thing out of my mouth was, “All I want to do today is watch the Theorizing the Web (TtW) conference and populate my Endnote library.” I’m not sharing this to illustrate my obsession with going back to school (please tell me people still use Endnote – isContinue reading “Research for Breakfast”

Thoughts from the Bus: Apps that Make me Sweat

As the biting cold of January settles in, it’s become apparent that I’ll be continuing to take the bus on what seems like my ever-lengthening commute to and from work. This is in part due to my inability (read: shyness) to coordinate a carpool, the guilt for which I’ve repressed into bitterness toward our highlyContinue reading “Thoughts from the Bus: Apps that Make me Sweat”

I guess that answers that…

What’s this? It’s a list of my “academic interests”, you know, things I could possibly fathom researching, reading about and teaching in the future without my narcolepsy kicking in (well, it will anyways, but without the severity that it strikes me with the minute I enter a boardroom). It includes the following. The obvious: TheContinue reading “I guess that answers that…”