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Stefanie Duguay is Assistant Professor of Data and Networked Publics in the Department of Communication Studies at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. She earned her PhD in Media and Communications from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane, Australia, where she was an active member of the Digital Media Research Centre. During this time, she spent a summer as a PhD Intern with the Social Media Collective at Microsoft Research. She graduated with distinction from the MSc program at the Oxford Internet Institute and she has professional experience working with the Canadian government in the areas of client services and digital strategy. Her research focuses on the influence of digital media technologies in everyday life, with particular attention to sexual and gender identity and social media. This has included studies of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer (LGBTQ) people’s social media use, dating apps, self-presentation, and everyday activism with the use of mixed traditional and digital research methods. Her research and teaching demonstrate an underlying commitment to social justice by fostering inclusive learning spaces and producing research that reveals power relations in sociotechnical systems. Stefanie’s research has been published in: New Media & Society; Social Media + Society; Information, Communication & Society; Disability & Society; and other international, peer-reviewed journals.


This website houses thoughts, activities, research, teaching resources, and publications from my career journey. The content posted here reflects my own views and opinions, and not those of my employer. In contrast to that ‘formal’ blurb above, some everyday tidbits about me include:

I grew up in Lethbridge, Alberta – a city so windy that its most recognizable municipal monument is the “world’s biggest wind gauge,” which also featured in a Miley Cyrus meme.

My life tends to be covered in rainbows – if you see a rainbow, I’m probably nearby.

I have a love of fair trade, ethically sourced coffee and will seek it out at every opportunity. Fallback careers that I have daydreamed about include becoming a competitive barista and, later, an Aussie coffee snob on the beaches of Noosa.

Speaking of beaches, I developed a deep affinity for Australia while studying my PhD there. I’m always up for a conversation about what will or won’t kill/eat/poison you and where to catch the rays while avoiding tourists. I’ve also spent a surprising amount of time reassuring Aussies that Canadians don’t get chased by bears on a daily basis. So far since my move to Montreal, the only wildlife I’ve encountered are the overfed squirrels on my back patio.

Beyond what I’ve described above, my broad areas of interest include digital media studies, networked publics, gender and sexuality, platforms/platformization/platform governance, mobile apps, science and technology studies, identity, digital research methods, and popular culture. Collaboration is my jam, so give me a shout over email if you have ideas or want to connect.

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