Future/Past Appearances

***Upcoming in 2020***

Duguay, S. (2020). “We are Her” and other fallacies: Investigating hook-up apps’ multi-sided markets and lucrative cultural discourses. International Communication Association 70th Annual Conference, May 20-26, 2020, virtual conference (due to COVID-19). Draft Working Paper

Duguay, S., Boyce, L., Matskiv, J., Ross-Nadié, É. (2020). For womxn and more: Identity constructions in queer dating apps. Paper presentation accepted for the Canadian Communication Association Annual Conference, June 2-5, 2020, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario. Cancelled due to COVID-19.

Peer-reviewed Conference Papers, Posters, and Co-Presentations

Duguay, S. (2019). Parties no one will raid: Homonormative LGBTQ social organizing in the gig economy. Stonewall 50: The Future of Global Queer Liberation Art & Media, November 7-10, Toronto Queer Film Festival, Toronto, Canada.

Ross-Nadié, É., & Duguay, S. (2019). Interactivity beyond moral panic: The multiple uses and roles of dating and hook-up apps. Playback: Genealogies of Interactivity, October 9-11, Concordia University, Montreal Canada.

Duguay, S. (2019). Tracing key moments on Tinder, Instagram, and Vine: An argument for app archives. The Web that Was: Archives, Traces, Reflections, June 19-21, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Duguay, S. & Krishnan, P. (2019). From “interested” to showing up: Queer social organizing through digital media. Beyond paradoxes of visibility: Investigating the Sociotechnical Complexities of Diverse Sexualities and Genders panel at the Canadian Communication Association Annual Conference, June 3-6, Vancouver, Canada.

Duguay, S. & Ferris, L. (2018). The digital lesbian imaginary: Investigating (im)permeable boundaries of sexual identity on Tinder. Intimacies and Digital Media Infrastructures panel at Association of Internet Researchers Annual Conference, October 10-13, 2018, Montreal, Canada.

Duguay, S. (2018). Looping the #RainbowGang: Building an intimate networked counterpublic through Vine videos. Intimacies Online, Online Intimacies, May 31-June 1, Roskilde, Denmark.

Duguay, S. (2018). “Running the numbers”: Platform pressures and queer women’s responses in social media economies of influence. International Communication Association 68th Annual Conference, May 24-28, Prague, Czech Republic.

Duguay, S. (2018). ‘There’s no more’: Queer women’s geospatial partner seeking and notions of scarcity on Tinder. McGill Queer Research Colloquium, March 16, Montreal, Canada.

Duguay, S. (2017). Thirst traps and #relatable Vines: Investigating a networked counterpublic of queer women. Paper presented at AoIR2017: The 18th Annual Conference of the Association of Internet Researchers, October 18-21, Tartu, Estonia.

Duguay, S. (2017). Looking for a good date: LGBTQ women’s display and detection of authenticity on Tinder. Paper presented for the panel Good Girls/Bad Girls: Examining the Gender and Sexual Politics of Socially Mediated Bodies at Social Media & Society 2017 International Conference, July 28-30, Toronto, Canada.

Duguay, S. (2017). Identity modulation in networked publics: Queer women’s participation and representation on Tinder, Instagram, and Vine. Paper and poster presented at Herrenhausen Conference “Society through the Lens of the Digital,” May 31 – June 2, 2017, Hanover, Germany.

Duguay, S. (2016). “The more I look like Justin Bieber in the pictures, the better”: Analysing performances of LGBTQ women’s cultures through image-based mobile media. Paper presented at Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference, December 14-17, 2016, Sydney, Australia.

Duguay, S. (2016). Swipe right to purchase: The role of off-label use in Tinder’s commercialization of intimacy. Paper presented at Digital Intimacies Symposium, December 12-13, 2016, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.

Duguay, S. (2016). Reviewing Trends, curating Moments: Analyzing the logic of automation in social media platforms’ news dissemination. Paper presented at Automating the Everyday Symposium, December 8-9, 2016, QUT, Brisbane, Australia.

Light, B., Baulbach, J., Duguay, S., & Goldsmith, B. (2016). Sharing the work? Airtasker and the Quantified Self. Paper presented in the panel The Sharing Economy and its Discontents at the Annual Conference of the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR) 2016, October 5-8, Berlin, Germany.

Duguay, S. (2016). “She’s your everything”: Depictions of the #lesbiancouple on Instagram. Paper to be presented at ICA 66th Annual Conference: Communicating with Power, 9-13 June 2016, Fukuoka, Japan.

Duguay, S. (2016). Trending this moment: Examining social media platforms as information gatekeepers through Facebook’s Trending topics and Twitter’s Moments. Panel presentation at ICA 66th Annual Conference: Communicating with Power, 9-13 June 2016, Fukuoka, Japan.

Duguay, S., Burgess, J., & Light, B. (2015). Bikini selfies and suggestive lip dubs: Examining queer women’s performances of sexual desire in digital media. Paper presented at Digital Intimate Publics: Identities, Relationships and Value in Social Media Cultures, 19-20 November, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.

Highfield, T. & Duguay, S. (2015). “Like a monkey with a miniature cymbal”: The cultural vernacular of repetition in (visual) social media. Paper presented at Internet Research 1621-24 October, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Duguay, S. (2015). Right swiping on Tinderellas: Exploring a mobile dating application’s regulation of sexual and gender identity expressions. Paper presented at Controlling sexuality and reproduction: Past and Present12-14 August, Lethbridge, Canada.

Duguay, S. (2015). Is being #instagay different from an #lgbttakeover? A cross-platform investigation of sexual and gender identity performances. Panel presentation at Social Media & Society 2015 International Conference27-29 July, Toronto, Canada.

Burgess, J., Light, B., & Duguay, S. (2015). Studying HookUp Apps: A comparative platform analysis of Tinder, Mixxxer, Squirt and Dattch. Panel presentation at ICA 65th Annual Conference: Communication Across the Life Span. 21-25 May, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Duguay, S., Burgess, B., & Light, B. (2014) Dating and hooking up with mobile media: A comparative study of Tinder, Mixxxer, Squirt and Dattch. Paper presented at #Digcult14: Making Digital Cultures of Gender and Sexuality with Social Media. 28-29 October, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane, Australia.

Duguay, S. (2014). ‘I never had to say anything’: Examining the transformative potential of Facebook for sexual identity disclosures. Paper presented at ICA Regional Conference: Digital Transformations, Social Media Engagement and the Asian Century. 1-3 October, Brisbane, Australia.

Duguay, S. (2014). Playing with fire on Tinder: Examining digitally delegated authenticity claims on a dating application. Paper presented at Connected Life 2014 Conference12 June, University of Oxford, United Kingdom.

Duguay, S. (2013). Facebook as a decontextualized environment: Young people’s experiences of navigating LGBTQ identity on a social networking site. Paper presented at Social Media & Society 2013 International Conference. 14-15 September, Halifax, Canada.

Invited Talks and Presentations

Duguay, S. (2020). Unboxing apps: The walkthrough method as a step-by-step app analysis. Com&Tech Innovations Lab, February 12, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada.

Duguay, S. (2019). La méthode pas-à-pas : Une approche de l’étude des applications mobiles. Enjeux méthodologiques de la recherche en contexte numérique, LabCMO, March 15, Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada.

Duguay, S. (2019). App Studies – Monday Night Seminar. McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology, February 25, University of Toronto, Canada.

Duguay, S. (2019). App Studies – Lightning Lunch. Digital Humanities Network, February 26, University of Toronto, Canada.

Duguay, S. (2018). The role of platforms in toxic technocultures: Queer women’s experiences of social media governance, architecture, and cultures. Feminist Media Studio 5 à 7 Speaker Series, September 19, Concordia University, Canada.

Duguay, S. (2018). Respondent for Hierarchies of Attention: Erasure, Omission, and Representation in Platform Ecologies panel. International Communication Association 68th Annual Conference, May 24-28, Prague, Czech Republic.

Duguay, S. (2018). Negotiating visibility: Queer women’s identity modulation on Tinder, Instagram, and Vine. Laboratoire de communication médiatisée par ordinateur (LabCMO), February 23, Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada.

Duguay, S. (2018). Seeking Tinderella, finding Instafame, and sharing funny Vines: Queer women’s self-representation on social media. Speaking to Power Lecture Series held by the Arts and Science Federation of Associations, Concordia University, Canada.

Duguay, S. (2017). “The ‘lesbianing’ thing”: Queer women’s participation and representation on digital platforms. Questions, Thoughts, and Contentions at the Digital Living Research Commons, October 11, Aarhus University, Denmark.

Duguay, S. (2017). Right swipes, selfies, and thirst traps: Using digital and traditional methods to investigate queer women’s networked publics on Tinder, Instagram, and Vine. MediaTALKs in the Department of Communication Sciences, September 25, Ghent University, Belgium.

Duguay, S. (2016). Exploring off-label use through the case of Tinder: The role of disruption in platform management and development. Digital Media Research Centre Seminar, October 14, QUT, Brisbane, Australia.

Duguay, S. (2016). “It’s quite different to us going on a dating app to peddle ketchup”: User disruption and platform management within Tinder’s off-label use. Microsoft Research Seminar, August 23, Microsoft Conference Centre, Cambridge, MA, USA.

Duguay, S. (2016). “Goodnight Instagram #smile #lesbian #stud #night #lgbt”: Understanding same-sex attracted women’s representations through visual mobile media. Digital Media Research Centre Seminar, April 19, QUT, Brisbane, Australia.

Duguay, S. (2016). Selfies and Vines with the potential for everyday activism: A paper about Ruby Rose’s social media presence. Visual Media Workshop Online Lecture Series 2016, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Surry, BC, Canada.

Duguay, S. (2015). Welcome and introductionTheorising Digital Change: Workshopping the relationship between digital theory and research. 26 November, QUT, Brisbane, Australia.

Duguay, S. (2014). Ways to stay connected: Harnessing, managing, and preventing context collapse on social media. “Connections” Keyword Seminar, presented to the Children and Youth Research Centre. 9 October 2014. QUT, Brisbane, Australia.

Duguay, S. (2013). Your networked world: Connections, self-presentation, and privacy in the age of social media. Presentation to Youth Mandate for Greater Involvement (YMAGIN), Employment and Social Development Canada, Government of Canada. 10 December 2013. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Duguay, S. (2013). Context collapse on social networking sites: Investigating LGBTQ identity disclosure on Facebook. Presentation to FEM2103A: Methodology in Feminist Studies, 27 November 2013. University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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